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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which Rota wheels fit my car?

If you need help or are unsure, please drop us an email to, or and we will be happy to guide you through the options available.

How can I purchase Rota wheels?

We can process your order over the phone on 01363 777007, we prefer to talk to each customer, to ensure that the correct wheels are supplied for the specific application.
That being said, we can also process your order via email -

The Picture shows 4 stud, but my car is a 5 stud fitment - does this mean they will not fit?

Due to the sheer number of options available, we are unable to photograph every possible variation available, if the fitment is listed on our wheel chart, then it is available to order.

Are you able to supply mixed sets, (for example wider rears than fronts).

We are more than happy to sell a bespoke wheel and tyre package for your own particular vehicle, 'staggered' wheels and tyres are a common enquiry, and this is no problem.

Are you able to supply single wheels, as I have kerbed one of my wheels!

Again this is no problem, we are happy to sell wheels in any multiple.

Do you sell second-hand alloy wheels?

From time to time we part exchange second-hand Rota wheels for an alternative design, these can be purchased through our EBay shop.

I want to fit a set of wheels to my VW T4/T5 or other commercial vehicle, are your wheels suitable?

Wheels for commercial vehicles generally need to have a higher load rated alloy wheel, its important to note that fitting 'car rated' alloy wheels to a van could invalidate your insurance, and will definitely invalidate any wheel manufacturers warranty.
We have released our own range of commercial rated alloy wheels, which are tested to the higher load requirements needed - please email or call to discuss.
We will not supply car rated wheels for use on commercial vehicles.

If I purchased wheels and tyres from Rarerims, will the package arrive fitted and balanced?

Yes - all wheels and tyre packages are fitted by ourselves, using state-of-the-art Hoffman Megaplan machinery, by purchasing a package from us, you take the worry out of tyre fitted inadvertently damaging your new wheels.

Can you fit wheel and tyre packages with 'stretched' tyres?

We can fit tyres to wheels within the boundaries of the tyre manufacturers approved wheel sizing, for that particular tyre size, we do not recommend, and indeed cannot supply tyres mounted beyond these recommendations.

That being said, Falken tyres in particular are generous in terms of the approved wheel sizing, which means we can fit for example a 225.40.18 to an 18x9.5" wheel.

Can I use my original wheel nuts?

All our wheels are sent out with replacement wheel nuts free of charge; please do not use original wheel nuts, as the wheel nut seating is often different.
We do a variety of wheel nuts that are compatible with the Rota range of wheels, please ask for details on colour and type.

Will I be able to fit them myself?

We recommend that all wheels and tyres are installed professionally by a competent individual, to ensure that the correct product has been supplied, and that it has been fitted correctly.
This is particularly important if you car has unknown modifications, which could cause issues with wheel fitment.

Many 'imported' alloy wheels are not tested for road use, are Rota?

All Rota wheels are fully tested to both JWL and VIA standards, so are approved and legal for road use, all JWL or VIA stamped wheels are approved for use with road legal tyres (not Competition or Slick tyres).

I want to change the colour of my wheels, should I powdercoat them?

We STRONGLY advise against powdercoating alloy wheels, alloy wheels are heat treated to increase their strength; powdercoating if carried out at high temperatures can affect the integrity of the wheel, and void any wheel warranty.
Painting the wheels (wet spray) is not a problem.

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